NCPA Media: News Release

  • Feb 20, 2007

    Half Of All Seniors' Consumption May Soon Be Health Care

    In less than two decades, half of everything seniors consume may be health care.

  • Feb 13, 2007

    Proposal To Sell Public Lands Provides Good Test Of Ownership Ideal

    NCPA Scholar Suggest Administration Proposal is a "Win-Win" for Government, Environment

    Is the Bush administration proposal to sell U.S. Forest Service land a good idea, or would it be a case of sacrificing the environment for money?

  • Feb 12, 2007

    Texas’ 2007 dropouts will cost taxpayers $377 million every year

    The 2007 class of high school dropouts in Texas will cost state taxpayers $377 million this year and every year after, over the course of their lifetime.

  • Feb 09, 2007

    High Cost of Texas High School Dropouts to be Unveiled Monday

    What is the true cost to Texas taxpayers of high school dropouts now and into the future? 

  • Feb 02, 2007

    IPCC Report Less Alarming Than It Appears

    Report Reduces Amount of Warming Estimated Compared to Previous Reports, Notes NCPA Scholar

    Contrary to ominous news reports, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summary report shows less expected warming and lower estimated sea level rise than previous reports.

  • Jan 30, 2007

    Goodman To Testify On Challenges To Today’s Families

    John C. Goodman, president of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) will testify at a special hearing of the House Ways & Means Committee Wednesday, January 31.

  • Jan 17, 2007

    Democrat Congress Sings Same Song, New Verse On Energy

    Energy Plan Won't Increase Supply or Reduce Prices, Says NCPA's Burnett

    The House of Representatives is set to vote this week on a package of energy proposals that will impose new conservation fees on oil and natural gas taken from the Gulf of Mexico and will bar companies from future Gulf lease sales unless they agree to renegotiate leases agreed to under the Clinton Administration.

  • Jan 17, 2007

    Government Has Poorly Managed Public Lands

    Private Sector Should be Given Chance Where Government Has Failed, says NCPA Report

    Government has poorly managed the public's natural resources as it struggles to balance public land uses, such as logging and recreation, with preservation of lands in their original state, according to a new report from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA).