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  • Feb 23, 2004

    Climate science or science fiction?

    Proponents of policies to control human-induced global warming cite science as the basis for their claims and proposals. There is only one problem -- as much as they claim otherwise, there is no scientific consensus for their theories.

  • Feb 08, 2004

    President launching a quiet domestic revolution, too

    Since 9-11, discussion of the current President Bush's vision has been limited primarily to foreign policy and the Bush doctrine of "pre-emption." But while foreign policy legitimately has dominated, Mr. Bush quietly has pieced together a domestic policy vision that has just as much chance to be revolutionary.

  • Feb 05, 2004

    Outsourcing Energizes America

    Outsourcing of information technology services continues to be a hot topic - and a sore point for many IT professionals. As they stand in unemployment lines, they see their former jobs being shipped off to India , where they are now done by people making one-fifth as much. It has aroused much bitterness and led to legislative efforts to restrict outsourcing in the name of saving jobs for Americans.

  • Feb 04, 2004


    Whenever there is a discussion of energy policy, many environmentalists and their political allies tout wind power as an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Even if electricity from wind power is more expensive than conventional fuel sources, and it is, wind advocates argue its environmental benefits are worth it. In particular, proponents claim increased reliance on wind power would reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Jan 27, 2004

    Haunted by tax cuts past

    In the area of taxation, there is probably nothing that drives Democrats crazier than when they hear Republicans praise John F. Kennedy's tax cut and compare their tax cuts to his. Unfortunately, Democrats keep running up against Kennedy's own statements and actions, which show a clear parallel to Republican tax policies since 1980.

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