NCPA Commentaries by John C Goodman

Dr. John C. Goodman, President and founder of the NCPA, is known as the father of Medical Savings Accounts and was dubbed by National Journal as "A winner of the devolution derby." He is an expert on tax, welfare, Social Security and health care reform. Dr. Goodman has testified before Congressional committees and regularly briefs member of Congress on these issues.

  • Jan 01, 1998

    Rethinking Robin Hood

    As voters go to the polls on August 9 to vote on a property tax reduction, it will be a good time to reflect on how we pay for the public schools and why we do it that way.

  • Jan 01, 1998

    The Wrong Medicine at the Wrong Time

    With Medicare teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, President Clinton is proposing to add more beneficiaries and more costs. Under the president's new proposal, all Americans ages 62 to 64 (the Medicare eligibility age is 65) would be able to join Medicare in exchange for a monthly premium of $300.

  • Jan 01, 1998

    Patients Need Power, Not A Bill of Rights

    The reality of modern medicine is the traditional doctor-patient relationship has been all but destroyed. Whereas doctors once functioned as agents of their patients, today they are more likely to function as agents of third-party payer bureaucracies.

  • Jan 01, 1998

    Where Have All The Liberals Gone?

    Outside New York City and Hollywood, it's hard to find a liberal these days. In fact, it's hard to find anyone who will admit to ever having been a liberal.

  • Jan 01, 1998

    Medicare Time Bomb

    While the private sector seems to have gotten health care costs under control, the same is not true of Medicare - the federal program that pays medical bills for the elderly.

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