Free-Market Health Care Policy: Unique, One-of-a-Kind Solutions

For nearly three decades, the NCPA has worked with the nation's top health policy scholars to solve our most intractable health policy problems. Our solutions empower patients, liberate doctors and encourage competition in the medical marketplace.

Health Savings Accounts

More than 25 million families are using this NCPA idea to manage some of their own health care dollars. By allowing patients to control and manage their own health care dollars, consumer-directed health plans help individuals become more conscientious consumers of health care.

A Brief History of HSAs


Solving Problems by
Liberating People

The NCPA's 10-point liberation plan begins with doctors and patients, and then moves to employers and employees. The NCPA introduced this concept 20 years ago with the publication of Patient Power, which caused an intellectual sea change in thinking about health policy. And in 2012, with the publication of Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, the NCPA went further, characterizing healthcare as a "complex system" that cannot be managed from the top down.


"Do-No-Harm" Health Policy

Before government tries to solve a problem, it should first make sure it is not causing the very problem it seeks to solve. The NCPA has a five-point plan to remove the major ways in which government is creating perverse incentives.


An Ideal Health Care System

There are 10 characteristics we should have in mind in developing sensible health reform.


Ideal Health Insurance

If health insurance looked more like casualty insurance we purchase for our homes and cars, many of our most serious problems would go away.


10 Things to Repeal and Replace

The NCPA joined with scholars at The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute and the American Action Network to identify what most needs to be repealed and replaced in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ObamaCare).


Comparing International Health Systems

How does the U.S. system compare to the health system of other countries? Better than you might think. NCPA scholars have produced a thorough review of the literature to complement our book, Lives at Risk.


A Unique Approach to Our Four Biggest Challenges

  • Rising costs
  • Inadequate quality
  • Insufficient access to care
  • The lack of a real market for health insurance


One-of-a-Kind Solutions


What States Can Do

The NCPA's handbook covers everything from Medicaid to making insurance portable to solving the problem of malpractice.

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