Financial Crisis in the News:  Don’t expect to hear from fans of Yellen, SEC or Congress at NCPA event

Financial Crisis Initiative

The NCPA Financial Crisis Initiative is accumulating talent from scholars and practitioners nationwide to finally come to consensus on two central questions of 2008:

What were the major causes of the financial crisis?

What policies can and should be implemented to prevent a reoccurrence?

To answer these questions, our experts will focus their attention on how government policy and financial service firms may have interacted. They will pay particular attention to how the lack of ethics and transparency may have contributed to the problems. They will also review past and subsequent legislative and regulatory policies to test their efficacy and value.

Research studies, articles, videos and other means will culminate in two major summits in the spring of 2016, one to be held in Dallas and the other in our nation’s capitol. Communicating and advocating sound economic policies should lead to the prevention or mitigation of future crises such as those we recently experienced here and which were exported worldwide.

Working Group Leaders & Experts

Diane Casey-Landry -- NCPA Working Group Leader -- Government Entities, Policies, Laws and Regulations
Founder and Managing Director of DCL Banking Advisors, LLC

Marianne M. Jennings -- NCPA Working Group Leader -- Transparency and Ethics
Emeritus Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies at the WP Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

C.K. Lee -- NCPA Working Group Leader -- Financial institutions
Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group of Commerce Street Capital, LLC

Richard Bowen
Certified Public Accountant
Citigroup Whistleblower
Speaker on Ethical Leadership

Richard M. Ebeling
BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina