John Raybould

of the Adam Smith Institute

WHEN: Thursday, July 13, 2000

TOPIC: A tribute to F.A. Hayek, Austrian Economist

The Adam Smith Institute has nominated the Austrian economist F. A. Hayek as "Man of the Century." Although not a household name, Hayek is perhaps the century's most influential free-market economist; having had a direct impact on the well being of millions of individuals.

A student of Ludwig von Mises, Hayek concerned himself with the widespread devastation brought on by World War I. He called liberal scholars together in the climate of post war collectivism, and founded the Mont Pelerin Society to propagate free-market values. Hayek opposed John Maynard Keynes by pointing out the errors and fallacies of Keynesian economics, which were vindicated by subsequent events. His book, The Road to Serfdom helped turn the world away from socialist and communist ideology.

John Raybould of the Adam Smith Institute in London has compiled a commemorative album of the life and achievements of F. A. Hayek and will be speaking at that Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Thursday, July 13, 2000.

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