Max Borders

Max BordersMax Borders is a policy analyst and new media coordinator at the Civitas Institute of North Carolina. Max is formerly Managing Editor of TCS Daily and continues to write opinion journalism for both national and local outlets. His articles have appeared in the Washington Examiner, the News & Observer,, the Orange County Register, and more.




His environmental interests include:

  • Problems of Renewable Energy
  • The Politics of Global Warming
  • Property Rights and Resource Exploitation
  • Technology and the Environment

Max was also formerly a Program Director for the Institute for Humane Studies, a Washington, DC-area research and education institute committed to the ideas of classical liberalism. In former lives, Max taught philosophy and ethics to undergraduates, and worked as a technology journalist for Accenture Technology Labs. His myriad experiences in both academia and private enterprise have led him to explore the sweet spot between theory and practice.