NCPA Commentaries by H. Sterling Burnett

H. Sterling Burnett is a Senior Fellow for the National Center for Policy Analysis. While Burnett works on a number of issues, he specializes in issues involving environmental policy and gun policy.

  • Mar 29, 2000

    Controlling Guns, Destroying Freedom

    Is Clinton lying in the war of words over gun control? That depends on what the meaning of the word 'is,' is.

  • Mar 24, 2000

    Clear Away the Smoke Surround the Presidential Candidates' Environmental Records

    I dread this election year more than usual because through "false advertising" radical environmentalists have a chance of putting one of their own in the White House.

  • Feb 01, 2000

    Earth to Democratic Presidential Wannabes: Constitutionally, Guns Don't Equate to Cars

    Former Sen. Bill Bradley has called for registering all handguns and licensing gun owners just like we do cars and drivers.

  • Jan 14, 2000

    No Apologies for Bush's Environmental Record

    With Texas Governor George W. Bush being the Republican presidential front-runner, his record has come under heightened press scrutiny. This is natural since Bush's record as governor could indicate the types of policies he might pursue as president.

  • Jan 06, 2000

    Light Rail Carries Too Light A Load

    Light rail has proven incapable of solving these problems. After four years of operation and more than $900 million spent on light rail, both traffic congestion and the air pollution associated with it have gotten worse.

  • Dec 29, 1999

    HUD Hypocracy

    Trial lawyers, anti-gun activists, mayors and the Clinton Administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development have a "simple solution" to the complex problem of gun violence: sue gun makers for the public costs of criminal, negligent and self-destructive gun misuses.

  • Dec 12, 1999

    Gun Lawsuits Hurt All Of Us

    Indeed, firearms are the most effective way to protect oneself against criminals - which is why police carry guns rather than going unarmed or carrying knives.

  • Sep 21, 1999

    Government Land Grab Takes Us in the Wrong Direction

    Public opinion polls indicate that many people are concerned about a perceived loss of open spaces, wilderness areas and forests. This despite the fact that only about 5 percent of our land is developed, three-quarters of the population lives on 3.5 percent of the land and more than 5 times as much land is set aside in national parks, wilderness areas, federal forests and federal grazing lands than has been developed.

  • Jun 15, 1999

    New Gun Controls Miss the Mark

    In the emotional aftermath of Littleton, the U.S. Senate decided to "act now, think later," in its Juvenile Accountability Act. It's an opportunity for the House of Representatives to take bragging rights as the more thoughtful, reflective body in Congress.

  • Apr 22, 1999

    Earthday: Much to Celebrate, More to Do

    Despite numerous reports on the pace of urban growth, urban land remains a very small part of overall land use.