NCPA Commentaries by Pete du Pont

Governor Pete du Pont is a Board Member of the National Center for Policy Analysis. He writes a regular column for, the online news service of The Wall Street Journal.

Pete du Pont has served as Governor of Delaware, U.S. Congressman (R-DE), and former candidate for President of the United States (1988). Gov. du Pont formerly hosted a nationally-syndicated radio commentary and appeared on several editions of the PBS Firing Line debates with William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • Sep 12, 1995

    Pete du Pont Offers a 10th Amendment Strategy to Limit Powers of the Federal Government

    Washington, D. C. -- Pete du Pont, former Governor of Delaware and currently Policy Chairman of the National Center for Policy Analysis, today issued a call for limiting the power of the federal government and returning power to the states by strengthening the Constitution's Tenth Amendment.

  • Sep 08, 1995

    The Unnoticed Anniversary

    In July, President Clinton welcomed the 30th birthday of Medicare with fanfare, politics and posturing. Speaking to a group of seniors celebrating the anniversary, the president said, "I got the message of the 1994 election, and I'm not going to let the government mess with your Medicare."

  • Aug 30, 1995

    What if the Government Shuts Down?

    The latest crisis invented by the national media is the great October "train wreck" - a confrontation between a liberal president and a conservative Congress - that will "shut down the government."