NCPA Commentaries by Pete du Pont

Pete du Pont served for many years on the NCPA Board of Directors, first as policy chair and then as chairman of the board, in addition to his current service on the NCPA’s Emeritus Board of Directors.  He also wrote a regular column for, the online news service of The Wall St. Journal for many years.

Pete du Pont has served as Governor of Delaware, U.S. Congressman (R-DE), and former candidate for President of the United States (1988). Gov. du Pont formerly hosted a nationally-syndicated radio commentary and appeared on several editions of the PBS Firing Line debates with William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • Nov 23, 1995

    Bringing Medical Advances to Patients Sooner

    Some 70 Americans will die today because the Food and Drug Administration doesn't allow existing medical technology to be used to save their lives.

  • Nov 16, 1995

    Social Security: There Is A Better Retirement System

    Eight years ago, the man soon to become President thought it a "dumb and nutty" idea to give people a choice between a private IRA and the current Social Security system to fund their retirement.

  • Nov 09, 1995

    One Jobs Program That Works

    Last week's District of Columbia appropriations bill contained a startling education innovation. It mandates the establishment of a nonprofit corporation governed by the private sector to train and place non-college-bound students in jobs.

  • Oct 31, 1995

    Public School Choice and Racial Balance

    If you thought the Congressional elections of 1994 marked the end of liberalism and a new era of conservative government, look at what the education establishment is doing to school choice back home. A current example comes from Delaware, where the State Board of Education has blunted a new public school choice law by insisting it comply with racial quotas.

  • Oct 26, 1995

    Helping the Poor: Washington Welfare or Private Charities

    What would you think of a doctor who prescribed the same treatment to every sick person he treated, whether the patient had a cold or lung cancer? Yet, isn't that the way we handle welfare today? The fourth-generation welfare mother, the educated person temporarily on hard times, the drug addict, the man who is simply incapable of holding a job - they're all treated pretty much the same by federal welfare policy.

  • Oct 24, 1995

    The Medicare Reform Plan: A Good Deal For The Elderly

    The House Republicans have proposed a major revision to Medicare that, if enacted, will provide greatly improved health care for America's senior citizens.

  • Oct 19, 1995

    Republican Bad News Bears Are On The Prowl

    My grandmother told me that bad news comes in threes. Over a lifetime, I've concluded that she was right. This especially came to mind last week, as I read in the papers three pieces of bad news that could torpedo the Gingrich Republican revolution of 1994.

  • Sep 28, 1995

    Ross Perot's Medicare Rx

    Ross Perot has a knack for identifying those issues that are important to voters. Just a week after congressional leaders said that Medicare reform would be the biggest policy issue this fall, his book on Medicare hit the stands. Intensive Care is a book about the crisis facing Medicare and Medicaid, the federal and federal/state health insurance programs for the elderly and poor.

  • Sep 21, 1995

    Restoring Power to the People

    In 1776, American colonists began a war for independence from the tyranny of King George III. It was a war against taxes, tariffs, regulations and rules imposed by a monarch thousands of miles away wielding absolute power over the people and their endeavors.

  • Sep 14, 1995

    America's Biased Tax System is Stealing Our Opportunity

    Question: Why does the United States have the lowest savings rate of any major nation?