NCPA Commentaries by Pete du Pont

Governor Pete du Pont is a Board Member of the National Center for Policy Analysis. He writes a regular column for, the online news service of The Wall Street Journal.

Pete du Pont has served as Governor of Delaware, U.S. Congressman (R-DE), and former candidate for President of the United States (1988). Gov. du Pont formerly hosted a nationally-syndicated radio commentary and appeared on several editions of the PBS Firing Line debates with William F. Buckley, Jr.

  • Nov 09, 1995

    One Jobs Program That Works

    Last week's District of Columbia appropriations bill contained a startling education innovation. It mandates the establishment of a nonprofit corporation governed by the private sector to train and place non-college-bound students in jobs.

  • Oct 31, 1995

    Public School Choice and Racial Balance

    If you thought the Congressional elections of 1994 marked the end of liberalism and a new era of conservative government, look at what the education establishment is doing to school choice back home. A current example comes from Delaware, where the State Board of Education has blunted a new public school choice law by insisting it comply with racial quotas.

  • Oct 26, 1995

    Helping the Poor: Washington Welfare or Private Charities

    What would you think of a doctor who prescribed the same treatment to every sick person he treated, whether the patient had a cold or lung cancer? Yet, isn't that the way we handle welfare today? The fourth-generation welfare mother, the educated person temporarily on hard times, the drug addict, the man who is simply incapable of holding a job - they're all treated pretty much the same by federal welfare policy.

  • Oct 24, 1995

    The Medicare Reform Plan: A Good Deal For The Elderly

    The House Republicans have proposed a major revision to Medicare that, if enacted, will provide greatly improved health care for America's senior citizens.

  • Oct 19, 1995

    Republican Bad News Bears Are On The Prowl

    My grandmother told me that bad news comes in threes. Over a lifetime, I've concluded that she was right. This especially came to mind last week, as I read in the papers three pieces of bad news that could torpedo the Gingrich Republican revolution of 1994.

  • Sep 28, 1995

    Ross Perot's Medicare Rx

    Ross Perot has a knack for identifying those issues that are important to voters. Just a week after congressional leaders said that Medicare reform would be the biggest policy issue this fall, his book on Medicare hit the stands. Intensive Care is a book about the crisis facing Medicare and Medicaid, the federal and federal/state health insurance programs for the elderly and poor.

  • Sep 21, 1995

    Restoring Power to the People

    In 1776, American colonists began a war for independence from the tyranny of King George III. It was a war against taxes, tariffs, regulations and rules imposed by a monarch thousands of miles away wielding absolute power over the people and their endeavors.

  • Sep 14, 1995

    America's Biased Tax System is Stealing Our Opportunity

    Question: Why does the United States have the lowest savings rate of any major nation?

  • Sep 12, 1995

    Pete du Pont Offers a 10th Amendment Strategy to Limit Powers of the Federal Government

    Washington, D. C. -- Pete du Pont, former Governor of Delaware and currently Policy Chairman of the National Center for Policy Analysis, today issued a call for limiting the power of the federal government and returning power to the states by strengthening the Constitution's Tenth Amendment.

  • Sep 08, 1995

    The Unnoticed Anniversary

    In July, President Clinton welcomed the 30th birthday of Medicare with fanfare, politics and posturing. Speaking to a group of seniors celebrating the anniversary, the president said, "I got the message of the 1994 election, and I'm not going to let the government mess with your Medicare."