Junk Science

Commentary by Pete du Pont

Host intro: Commentator Pete du Pont of the National Center for Policy Analysis has found something on the Internet that's good political commentary with a satirical edge. Welcome to the Junk Science web page.

The page is the brainchild of Steven Milloy, president of the Environmental Policy Analysis Network. It targets bad science that's turned into bad policy.

The Clean Air Act Review Commission warns solemnly against the dangers of indoor air pollution; Milloy notes the results come from a sketchy study of 12 of the nation's 4.5 million workspaces. Chicken Littles cry about global warming and melting polar caps ; Milloy points out that the only meltdown was in a NASA observation satellite.

There's a Junk Science Hall of Fame, regular jabs against the EPA, and a pennant race to foster "Junk Science pride." It counts junk scientists at universities. Milloy laments his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, only has four. Harvard has 22.

The page also has links to other sites. Milloy advises emailing the White House to scold Al Gore for all the trees that had to be chopped down to print his book Earth in the Balance. As for the ACLU, he asks if they realize that junk public health research is how the government tries to control individual behavior and limit freedom.

The address is www.junkscience.com. It keeps the junk scientists honest -- with a laugh.

Those are my ideas, and at the NCPA, we know ideas can change the world. I'm Pete du Pont, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Host outro: Are we getting our money's worth for foreign aid? No, but Pete du Pont says that's because there aren't enough strings attached.