Focus Point - Two O'clock Eastern War Time

Commentary by Pete du Pont

Hi, I'm Pete du Pont with the NCPA.

If you're listening, you like radio. And if you like radio, have I got a read for you. It's called Two O'clock Eastern War Time, a novel by John Dunning about the excitement of wartime radio set at a station on the coast of New Jersey in 1942.

Its characters are nicely drawn, a heroine who is a smashing singer, a Helen Forrest in the making, and a jack-of-all-trades hero in search of the challenge of his life. They are surrounded by an eccentric owner and a cast of producers, writers, and announcers, full of boundless energy and bonded together by radio.

The plot concerns the unexplained deaths of station actors and staff, including the heroine's father. As the unnerving plot untangles we meet the nazi bund trying to land German spies on the east coast of America, and a nasty bunch of Irish terrorist co-conspirators.

Two O'clock Eastern War Time is a beautifully crafted novel, and a better tale of broadcast radio and the World War II era i haven't seen in decades. It's a gripping read, so don't miss it.

Well those are my ideas, and at the NCPA we know ideas can change the world. I'm pete du pont,I'm pete du pont, tomorrow: Who's Rich?