Focus Point - OSHA Strikes

Commentary by Pete du Pont

I'm Pete du Pont with the National Center for Policy Analysis. Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago the sweeping regulations proposed by the Clinton Occupational Health and Safety Administration? The so-called repetitive stress injury, or ergonomic, regulations were run through and presented for Clinton's signature in record time. Now, we know why.

Even before they take effect, word comes from the Employment Policy Foundation they're going to be even more expensive than previously announced -- hence the speed in adopting them. Now, it will be up to a new administration to stick with them or toss them out.

The EPF went through 2000 pages of data inserted so late in the record no one had a chance to comment on them. If they had, everybody would have known the cost to business will be $125 billion per year -- $35 billion more than previously estimated.

Thus a Washington Truism remains in effect: It always costs more than what they say it will; in this case for a vast set of regulations that you'll pay for.

Those are my ideas, and at the NCPA we know ideas can change the world. I'm Pete du Pont. Next time, Free Economies.