Restoring America in the 21st Century


The theme of Chairman’s Council 2014 — "Restoring America in the 21st Century" — will be addressed by an exciting array of experts at one of America’s most prestigious resorts.

In attending this invitation-only event, you will not only hear from public policy legends, such as Dinesh D’Souza and Star Parker, among many others, but NCPA President John Goodman will also speak about the NCPA’s exciting new initiatives that are increasingly impacting the public policy debate as we hurtle toward the all-important 2014 mid-term elections.

Register today to reserve not only your place at the conference but also to lock in the special rate for NCPA attendees. We look forward to seeing you there!

Schedule of Events

  • Sunday, May 4th, 6:30 pm - Conference begins with an opening Reception and Dinner
  • Monday, May 5th and Tuesday May 6th - are filled with keynote speakers and policy sessions
  • Wednesday, May 7th - Conference ends after breakfast

Afternoon excursions for attendees are meant to relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself prior to the scenic dinner each night, (transportation included).



Dinesh D'Souza's keynote address at this year's conference is "The Moral Argument for Free Enterprise: Refuting the Idea that Wealth Is Theft," which explains that Americans didn't get rich by stealing from the Indians or minorities. Dinesh will also offer an advance glimpse of his new movie, America: Imagine the World Without Her, the sequel to his movie, 2016: Obama's America.



Other speakers include:

General Tommy Franks, former Commander of the United States Central Command and founder of the Gen. Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum, will provide his unique perspective on world events during "America’s Role in the World: An Interview with General Tommy Franks."

Star Parker, Parker founder of the Coalition for Urban Renewal (CURE), who will speak about "Social Justice vs. Personal Responsibility."


  • Randal O'Toole, who will speak about "Two Visions for Urban America: Obama’s View & the Free Market."
  • Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View and author will speak about "Digital Media and Political Change in America."
  • David Ranson, president of H.C. Wainwright Economics, will speak about "The US Economy: There Really is Something Wrong with this Picture."
  • Henry Miller, Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy, will address "The March to Unreason: How We’re Becoming Less Rational and Scientific in Developing Public Policy."

NCPA President and CEO John Goodman will unveil the renewed Free Our Health Care Now initiative and other NCPA experts will explain the dynamic economic modeling behind the Tax Analysis Center.

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