Youth Programs

 Debate Central provides high school debate students and coaches with the best debate material available including free-to-access topic overviews, evidence files, arguments, and online forums to help prepare students for debate competitions. Debate teaches skills in presentation, critical thinking, information analysis, logic and reasoning.

The NCPA is committed to provide this program free of charge to enable all students-especially those in low income or geographically isolated areas-to be able to participate and excel in competitive debate.

 Now in its third year, Four Star Debate is a leadership development and debate experience for high school students presented by the NCPA in conjunction with the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute, Oklahoma Christian University and the Kings Academy in Jordan. Students from around the U.S. and the Middle East participate in debates and receive instruction from debate coaches and NCPA policy analysts.

Students learn invaluable lessons in leadership from General Franks and King Abdullah II. The primary goal of Four Star Debate is to develop young leaders of character who are well-informed about national and international issues and prepare them to work with people from all walks of life by learning to disagree without being disrespectful.

 Student interns participate in every aspect of the NCPA and enjoy unique opportunities to expand their breadth and depth of knowledge in public policy. The 2010 Interns, Junior Fellows and Graduate Student Fellow include college students from Southern Methodist University, Elon University, University of Texas at Dallas, University of Dallas, Brigham Young University, Hillsdale College and Texas A&M University. For nearly two decades students have played an integral part in making possible NCPA's cutting-edge public policy research.