Terry Holman

Terry HolmanMr. Holman serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DIRECTtotheSOURCE, Inc. an issue specific consultancy. Since 1995 Mr. Holman has been actively engaged in the establishment of Medical Savings Account (MSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) healthcare plans both through legislation and in the marketplace.

Mr. Holman has made a "real world" analysis of the economic effect of the adoption by large employers and Taft Hartley funds conversion to HSA healthcare plans. Considering that every employer group is unique, Holman created a proprietary computer program The HSA Conversion Analysis to accurately evaluate the financial impact of HSA conversions on each group's employer and employees, Taft Hartley Fund and union members, providers, insurance carriers, administrators, and financial institution participants.

HSA plans freeze medical inflation on all monies contributed to the Health Savings Accounts. The program's analysis details the actual dollar for dollar HSA conversion savings compared to the employer's current insurance plan design. The program facilitates the calculation and redistribution of paid claims to HSAs for large self insured groups. A Clear Comparison serves a similar purpose in the individual insurance market.

During the initial development stages of the MSA concept (1995-1998), Mr. Holman provided lead guidance and counsel for the design and implementation of MSA plans to insurance and financial services companies looking to pursue the MSA model. More than just an advocate of MSA plans and to prove the MSA concept, Mr. Holman delivered a qualified MSA plan to Baker & Botts, LLP, one of the nation's leading law firms, to cover the B&B's partner group. Traditional coverage was put in place for the 1,200+ employee group as they did not qualify under current law. It was the first time in 27 years Baker & Botts switched insurance carriers. The MSA conversion took place January 1, 1998 and continues today.

Mr. Holman has extensive experience in marketing, promotion, and entrepreneurial product development. In 1989, he established Source II Corporation to finance and produce his own series of professional technical conferences held repeatedly throughout North America, England, and Scandinavia. Previously, Mr. Holman represented Messrs. Emerson Lake & Palmer as their personal manager. During the period of Mr. Holman's management, ELP was considered to be one of the top ten contemporary "rock" acts in the world. Preceding his tenure with ELP, Mr. Holman functioned as a producer and promoter of concerts and special attractions throughout North America for Madison Square Garden.

Mr. Holman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He and Denise, his wife of more than 30 years, are the parents of two adult children and have two grandchildren.


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