NCPA Staff

Dennis McCuistion, Interim President and CEO
Dennis McCuistion is the interim President and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) and a corporate governance and strategic planning expert. He regularly advises businesses regarding director relations, management and banking relations, financial analysis, and strategy.
Richard W. Walker Richard W. Walker, Chief Operating Officer
Richard W. Walker is chief operating officer. Richard has varied and in-depth experience ranging from marketing communications and small business consulting to financial and investor relations and strategic market planning.
Eileen Curry Resnik Eileen Curry Resnik, Executive VP of Development
Eileen is responsible for fundraising and donor relations efforts for the organization including submission of foundation grant proposals..
Joe Barnett Joe Barnett, Sr. Director of Policy Research
As senior director of policy research, Joe Barnett is responsible for the NCPA's publishing program, working with academic authors, independent experts and the NCPA policy staff in the writing, editing and printing of NCPA books, studies and periodicals.
Brian Williams Brian Williams, Legislative Director
Brian Williams is legislative director at the National Center for Policy Analysis. Williams leads the NCPA's Washington, D.C. policy outreach efforts, representing the NCPA and its public policy issues to the President, Congress, Capitol Hill staffers and other government constituencies.
Catherine Daniell Catherine Daniell, Sr. Director of Communications
Caytie Daniell is responsible for raising awareness of the NCPA’s research, experts, blogs and events with news and social media. Caytie keeps the NCPA on the leading edge of breaking policy news and developments, leveraging her many years as a reporter, editor and producer to generate coverage in TV, online, print and radio news.
Robbie Ellis Robbie Ellis, Director of Events
Serving as the Director of Events, Robbie Ellis plans, coordinates and executes NCPA conferences, galas and policy luncheons. She directs the Hatton W. Sumners Distinguished Lecture Series and also coordinates the Sumners Foundation Weekend Policy Seminar, the NCPA's annual policy event for college scholarship recipients.
Chris McGregor Chris McGregor, Director of IT
Chris McGregor is the IT Director at the National Center for Policy Analysis. Chris oversees all of the activities of the NCPA's IT Department. He also coordinates strategic technological goals for the NCPA and manages the physical IT infrastructure for the NCPA headquarters, datacenter and remote offices.
Julian Gil Julian Gil, Sr. Manager of Multimedia
As the senior manager of multimedia, Julian over sees all the NCPA’s in –house production and acquisition of digital video and audio of NCPA experts. In addition, he also records all of the NCPA’s major events, and manages the YouTube channel and it’s content.
Rachel Stevens Rachel Stevens, Director of Youth Programs
Rachel Stevens manages the NCPA’s youth outreach programs, including the Young Patriots scholarship essay contest, the NCPA’s participation in the Four Star leadership Academy and our internship program.
Dayana Osuna Dayana Osuna, Social Media Promotions Manager
Dayana Osuna is the Social Media Promotions Manager. She is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing marketing strategies and processes via social media channels.