NCPA Programs

Legislative Outreach

The NCPA's Washington D.C. staff monitors developments in public policy, legislation, Congressional hearings, regulatory rule-making, and other governmental affairs. We work to educate members of Congress, administration officials, and other public policy-makers about NCPA free-market ideas. Our activities include:

Distribution of NCPA research to Congress, the Administration, and other policy-makers

  • NCPA articles, editorials, studies and publications are routinely distributed to Capitol Hill, the White House, other think tanks, and industry representatives in Washington.
  • Blog postings and other NCPA electronic media are also distributed to policy-makers.
  • Often, NCPA studies are copied and redistributed by Members of Congress to their colleagues.
  • Ideas from NCPA publications frequently appear in speeches and statements from policy-makers.

Testimony before Congress

  • John Goodman and other NCPA experts routinely showcase our ideas in testimony before Congressional committees.
  • NCPA routinely submits written testimony for consideration during hearings on issues of interest to NCPA.
  • We also submit questions for Members to ask witnesses during Congressional hearings.

Desk-side visits with Members of Congress and high-level staff members

  • A core activity of NCPA's Washington Office is to conduct personal meetings with members and staff on Capitol Hill and the Administration.
  • John Goodman, Bob McTeer, Tom Saving, Sterling Burnett, Devon Herrick, and other NCPA experts have met with key Congressional and Administration officials.
  • The D.C. staff maintains close and frequent contact with Capitol Hill and the Administration, averaging 18-20 contacts per week.

Briefings, news conferences and other high-profile speaking engagements and presentations

  • NCPA hosts policy briefings, news conferences, and other events on Capitol Hill and other venues in Washington to showcase NCPA experts and ideas.
  • Members of Congress routinely speak at NCPA policy briefings.
  • NCPA reaches out to Republicans, Democrats, other think tanks, and various interest groups to add perspective and dialogue to our briefings. Some of our policy briefings are similar to debates, with NCPA arguing in behalf of free-market principles.