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NCPA Projects In Action

Tax and Retirement Policy Reform

  • Distinguished Fellow Robert D. McTeer, Jr., has been a leader in promoting pro-growth reforms as the NCPA spokesperson on economic and tax policy reform.
  • NCPA publications about taxing the poor, Americans' saving habits, and how to fix the alternative minimum tax are being distributed and promoted.
  • The NCPA has created to help share solutions for retirement reform policy problems.
  • NCPA Policy Chairman Michael Whalen has become a leading expert on tax and retirement issues, with contributions to the NCPA retirement Web Site and in media appearances.

Health Care

  • The NCPA's rapid media response program tracks, analyzes and responds daily to national news on health care, counteracting bad and reinforcing good information.
  • Our State Health Care Reform Handbook and state reform initiative is helping state-based think tanks reform local Medicaid programs and state health insurance regulations.
  • John Goodman's popular blog focuses on information empowering patients with consumer driven health care solutions.

Environment/Energy Communications Program (E-Team)

  • The Global Warming Primer is available to middle and high school classes around the country. provides market-oriented environmental solutions with more than 15,000 research and news articles.
  • The NCPA is educating Americans that for a fraction of the cost of preventing climate change, we can adapt our behavior to limit the negative impacts of global warming.
  • We have increased our exposure in trade journals, and broadcast media by more than 50 percent each of the past three years.
  • President Klaus of the Czech Republic has asked permission to translate the Global Warming Primer into Czech for distribution in his country.
  • Permission also has been granted to Giancarlo Ibarguen of the Universidad Francisco Marioquin in Guatemala for translation and distribution.

Other Initiatives

  • Debate Central is a free online resource created and maintained by the NCPA for high school students. Debate Central provides high school debaters information on all the popular forms of high school debate - Cross-Examination, Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum - along with hundreds of links to relevant resources, background materials from leading scholars, and access to advice from a diverse array of experts. The website is an invaluable service for high school debaters nationwide, as well as hundreds of thousands of students in high school speech and government classes. The content is offered to debaters at no charge, making Debate Central the largest free collection of information targeted to high school debaters.
  • Each year, the NCPA co-sponsors Four Star Leadership with General Tommy Franks, a world-class summer leadership program that allows 50 of the top high school
    students in the U.S. to have a face-to-face experience with national and
    international leaders.
  • We expanded our Junior Fellow and Internship program to give more students the opportunity to gain experience working in the field of public policy.