Jerry Mills, Chairman of the Board

 Jerry MillsJerry was born in Maud, Texas in 1940, moved to Dallas at age 15.  He is married to Janice Hagans from Hereford, Texas.  Jerry has one daughter, Denese Mills and two granddaughters, Tori 18 and Serena 13.  Denese and her girls live in Coppell.   Janice has one daughter, Shelly.  Jeff and Shelly Montgomery and their two daughters, Hagan 10 and Laney 8 live in Amarillo.

Jerry is currently involved in construction and investing.  He started Mills Electrical Contractors in 1973 and did an IPO on NYSE in 1998 as part of Integrated Electrical Services.  He retired in 2000, got bored after a few years and started JMEG Electrical Contractors to do commercial electrical work, EAS Contracting to do airport, highway and other civil construction with an electrical or communications component.  Last year, he started Clean Energy Constructors to pursue work in the renewable energy sector and Mills Capital Group to invest in various start-up companies and distressed assets.

Both Jerry and Janice enjoy being outdoors.  When they met in 2002, Janice was operating her cattle ranch in West Texas and traveling as a sales representative for a gift line out of a Dallas showroom.  Their spare time is spent with family, either at home or traveling together and more than a little on hunting and other outdoor activities.