Carole Hornsby Haynes

Carole Hornsby HaynesContributing Fellow

Carole Hornsby Haynes received a doctorate in Education Curriculum Development with a minor in history from the University of Memphis. She is a classically trained pianist and organist, having studied keyboard technique with a protégé of world-renowned concert pianist Artur Schnabel, and music interpretation with a Julliard professor.

She taught music and history in Tennessee public schools, where she was a pioneer in the fusion of social studies and language arts in the curriculum. She taught history and served as Chairman of the Social Sciences Division at the Memphis Junior College. She also taught undergraduate teacher education courses at the University of Memphis.

She has served as expert reviewer for the Texas State Board of Education Fine Arts Curriculum Standards Review and for music textbooks adopted by Texas.

She is a frequent speaker and writer about education policy, school choice, the history of education, and why billions of dollars and decades of reform have seen only the continued deterioration of our public education system. Her commentaries can be found at American Thinker, Daily Caller, World Net Daily, Texas Insider, Education Views, and NCPA Education Reform Blog.