Bartley J. Madden

 Senior Fellow

After a career in money management and related investment research, that included the founding of Callard Madden & Associates, Bartley J. Madden retired as a Managing Director of Credit Suisse/Holt. During his career, he developed the CFROI valuation framework that is widely used today by money management firms worldwide. He is currently an independent researcher and a Senior Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). His research focuses on knowledge building and wealth creation as opposite sides of the same coin, and also on the application of systems thinking to public policy. His work on knowledge building is summarized in a YouTube video, “Management’s Worldview,” and a related journal article. His work in finance and systems thinking is summarized in his book, Wealth Creation: A Systems Mindset for Building and Investing in Businesses for the Long Term. His work in public policy has resulted in a plan to restructure the FDA’s regulatory process. It is gaining momentum in the U.S. and is described in his book, Free To Choose Medicine: Better Drugs Sooner at Lower Cost. Free To Choose Medicine was developed in journal articles published in Regulation, Cancer Biotherapy & Radiopharmaceuticals, and Medical Hypotheses. Visit www.freetochoosemedicine.comfor more information.

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