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A Week in Review

  • President & CEO of NCPA, Jim Amos, appeared on Making Money with Charles Payne on Friday, March 3 to address the negative effects of mass low-skilled immigration on the United States’ economy.
  • NCPA Senior Fellow, Dr. Devon Herrick, told American Family Radio that the House Republican health care bill – the American Health Care Act – is a positive first step on a work in progress proposal.
  • Dr. Herrick shared the same sentiments about the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill on Curt Schilling’s Breitbart radio show, Whatever It Takes.
  • Dr. Herrick explained the good and bad features of the American Health Care Act to Chris Woodward from
  • Dr. Herrick went head-to-head with a policy analyst from Center for American Progress on InsideSources about the effectiveness of political boycotts. Philadelphia Inquirer also carried this article.
  • In his weekly Townhall Commentary, Dr. Herrick explained why liberals want to boycott President Trump and why they will fail.
  • NCPA Senior Fellow, Dr. David Grantham, informed Matt & Kendal Hagee about how Trump’s most recent immigration executive order helps national security.
  • On Tomi Lahren’s TV Show, Dr. David Grantham discussed how the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court operates and how it relates to President Trump’s claims about wiretapping.
  • Dr. Grantham discussed FISA on Mike Piwowarski’s radio show, Arms Room Radio.
  • Forbes published NCPA Senior Fellow John R. Graham’s piece on how to eliminate Obamacare’s special enrollment loopholes.
  • In an interview with InCharge Debt Solutions, Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal emphasized the need for senior citizens to evaluate their financial investments from time to time and be willing to move out of their comfort zone.

Daily Policy Digest

Week of April 3rd, 2017

  • Tax Reform and the Border-adjusted Tax

    Replacing the corporate income tax with a cash-flow business tax would increase the aftertax return to capital investment, encouraging economic growth. In contrast, border-adjusting the tax does not appear to accomplish the purpose its proponents seek, while penalizing exports from some countries (and favoring others) and raising prices for consumers, writes Pamela Villarreal and Joe Barnett...

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