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It has never been more critical in our history to develop and implement the right policies. The NCPA’s solutions promote private alternatives to government regulation and control.

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Week of September 22nd, 2014

  • The Consequences of Anti-Inversion Laws

    Lately, tax policy talk has focused on "inversion" -- the process by which American companies re-domicile themselves abroad...

  • Which Cities Are Most Accessible?

    When it comes to congestion, travel time and traffic gridlock, American cities tend to do better than their foreign counterparts...

  • China's New Urbanization Plan

    The Prime Minister of China hopes to see 60 percent of the Chinese population living in cities by 2020 as a result of his "National Plan on New Urbanization"...

  • California's High Speed Rail Project a Financial Disaster

    California is plowing forward with its high speed rail plan, despite the fact that it lacks the funds to pay for the project...

  • Register to See Allen West 9/17 - Few Seats Remain!

    Join us for lunch with Allen West, former Florida congressman and U.S. Army officer. Lt. Col. West will speak about his upbringing, his many years of military service, his time on Capitol Hill and, most importantly, today's current political climate. After being elected to office, West rose to popularity, known for his steadfast love of country and belief in the values of our founding. His new book, Guardian of the Republic, follows West as he grew from a young child raised in Atlanta to a decorated veteran, outspoken patriot and advocate for liberty. You won't want to miss his comments, so register today! Seating is limited.

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