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  • Executive Director Lt. Col. Allen West applauded President Trump’s call to worship God, not the government, on FBN’s Risk & Reward.
  • Lt. Col. West discussed the media hysteria from the past week with CL on the CL Bryant Show.
  • On Kilmeade & Friends, Lt. Col. West talked about the leaks coming out of the deep state.
  • Lt. Col. West shared his perspective with Audrey Russo on REELTalk Radio about FBI Director James Comey’s firing.
  • Lt. Col. West joined Alex Nitzberg on the Alex Nitzberg Show to address the global rise of Islamic terrorism.
  • Lt. Col. West appeared on the Ron Green Show to comment on President Trump’s Administration’s successes and failures.
  • Senior Fellow Dr. David Grantham joined NRATV where he and Grant Stinchfield discussed how to secure the Texas electrical grid from an EMP strike.
  • Dr. Grantham’s commentary on Venezuela was cited in the Washington Times.
  • Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal was cited in an article by NCC News about the rise of Uber in upstate New York.
  • Senior Fellow Dr. Devon Herrick appeared on American Family Radio with Sandy Rios to discuss the likelihood of repealing Obamacare.
  • Dr. Herrick’s commentary tackles the importance of draining the healthcare swamp.
  • Dr. Herrick joined American Family Radio with Chris Woodward to discuss President Trump’s closure of the Small Business Health Option Program (SHOP) Marketplace.
  • Dr. Herrick explained how Single-Payer is no bargain on Managed Healthcare Executive.

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Week of June 5th, 2017

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