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Health Care

  • Proposals to expand Medicaid to all are little more than feel-good gestures that purport to cover everybody without actually providing universal access to care. On paper Medicaid is a very generous health plan, with no deductibles and little (if any) copays. The reality is far different, however, writes Senior Fellow Devon Herrick.
  • Maryland’s State Legislature passed and overwhelmingly supports the state’s “price gouging” law, which applies to generic pharmaceutical manufacturers’ practices of essential drugs. However, due to its vagueness, it might not withstand a legal challenge, writes Senior Fellow Thomas Hemphill.

Washington Update

  • House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains hospitalized in critical condition after suffering from a gunshot wound during an attack at a congressional baseball practice this week. Rep. Scalise and several other Republican members of Congress were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, a tradition dating back to 1909. NCPA Executive Director Allen West expressed our support for Rep. Scalise and we wish him and the other victims a speedy and complete recovery. We also denounce the violent political rhetoric and vitriol that is increasingly invading the public square. Think tanks like NCPA play an important part in the debate about public policy. We participate in a civil discourse that allows an open expression of opposing ideas and we encourage everyone to do the same. Debate about ideas, even fierce debate about public policy, should dominate in Washington, D.C., and in the Halls of Congress. Violence only destroys public discourse. If you’re wondering, the Democrats won last night’s baseball game.
  • As you might guess, work in the House of Representatives stalled because of the attack on Rep. Scalise. In spite of the tumultuous week, the House voted 238-184 to ensure the verification of eligibility for people on Obamacare. The White House has expressed support for the legislation. It is unclear when the Senate will consider the Verify First Act.
  • The Senate voted 98-2 to impose new sanctions against Russia and Iran.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, denying allegations that he was involved in the increasingly empty accusations of collusion with the Russians to influence the recent presidential election. The assistant attorney general was also on the Hill this week, but didn’t answer any questions about the investigation and said he doesn’t plan to fire the special counsel hired to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting the Justice Department investigation outside the public spotlight. The general consensus among Republicans is to “let Robert Mueller do his job.”
  • In a dream come true for dozens of Constitutional law professors scattered around the nation, the Emoluments Clause captured some attention in the media this week. The attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit claiming that Trump Hotel profits “flagrantly violate” the Emoluments Clause. Almost 200 Congressional Democrats filed a similar lawsuit against the President. Stay tuned for some riveting courtroom drama on that issue!
  • The Federal Reserve raised the benchmark interest rate to between 1.0% and 1.25%, demonstrating some confidence in the growing economy.
  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the President’s executive order that bans travel from six countries that cannot guarantee the prevention of terrorists coming to the United States. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a similar ruling last month. The judges claim that the President doesn’t have a genuine rationale for banning the travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

NCPA in the News

Week of Friday, June 2, 2017


  • Senior Fellow Dr. Devon Herrick was cited in a Dallas Morning News article that discusses how Obamacare is causing insurers to leave many states.
  • Dr. Herrick joined American Family Radio and said that as a consequence of the failure of Obamacare, liberals will be clamoring for Medicaid-for-All.
  • Dr. Grantham appeared on the WBAP 820am Morning News where he discussed the shooting of Congressman Scalise and the threat of domestic terrorism.
  • Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal was cited in Palmetto Business Daily about how plastic bag bans hurt consumers and have minimal environmental impact.
  • Lt. Col. West went on Mornings with Maria to discuss the shooting of Congressman Scalise.


  • President and CEO Jim Amos appeared on Curt Schilling’s Whatever It Takes to share insights on media bias as well as Congressman Scalise’s sustained rifle injuries and the shootings of the other victims in Alexandria.
  • Dr. Herrick authored a Townhall column about how Medicaid-for-All is a simpleton’s idea of a healthcare solution.
  • Dr. Herrick appeared on Rose Tennant’s radio show, Rose Unplugged, where he discussed the sad state of American healthcare reform.
  • Senior Fellow Dr. David Grantham was featured on Curt Schilling’s show, Whatever It Takes, and talked about how to secure the electrical grid from cyber attacks.
  • Executive Director Lt. Col. Allen West appeared on Fox Business Network’s Risk & Reward to discuss Delta and Bank of America pulling their sponsorship from the ‘Julius Caesar’ anti-Trump play in New York.
  • Lt. Col. West appeared on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show, Kilmeade & Friends, to share his thoughts on left-wing media bias.
  • On the Denice-Gary Pandol Show, Lt. Col. West discussed the state of North Korea as well as President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia.
  • Lt. Col. West authored a Townhall column, where he addressed how the media sensationalizes the circus going on in Washington.
  • Lt. Col. West joined Liz MacDonald on Risk & Reward and deliberated the elements of the GOP’s healthcare bill.
  • Lt. Col. West appeared on ReelTalk Radio with Audrey Russo where he commented on the deep state threat as well as Reality Winner’s treasonous leaks.
  • On Point of View, Lt. Col. West commented on his most recent article, which addresses the circus going on in Washington.
  • Lt. Col. West joined Making Money with Charles Payne to discuss the VA shooting of Rep. Scalise and the Congressional Baseball Game.

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